These mozzarella cheese bites are my kids favourite snack. They love to dunk it in tomato ketchup and eat them. They are my favourite toooooo!!!:( Cheese and Oil!!!!! Noooooooooooooooo!!!
but I only occasionally make these at home! After all they are kids.............and cheese is healthy!!;) 

Im not writing too much this week as the baby bears and mama bear is down with the usual flu!!!  Not feeling too well..............feeling horribe actually! 

I had joined the Blogging Marathon hosted by srivalli just to keep me motivated to keep blogging............I This week's theme is bite sized food for kids! I was looking forward to it all month...............and then this flu happened...........and I can't even get out of bed. So Im quickly going to post this recipe and then get into bed...........AGAIN!

 Till tomorrow guys................ 

String cheese - 12
Breadcrumbs - 3/4 cup
Italian seasoning - 1/2 tsp
Chili powder - 1/4 tsp
All purpose flour - 1/4 cup
Eggs - 2
Oil for frying

  • Cut the cheese into bite sized pieces.
  • Mix the chili powder, italian seasoning and breadcrumbs in a shallow bowl. Keep aside.
  • In another bowl, beat the eggs. Keep aside
  • In another shallow bowl keep the flour ready
  • Now, drop the pieces of cheese first into the flour mixture. dust off any excessive flour and drop it into the egg mixture. 
  • Then into the breadcrumbs. 
  • Repeat for all the pieces of cheese, in the same order..........flour, eggs, breadcrumbs.
  • Neatly arrange the finished pieces of cheese on a plate. 
  • Refrigerate for atleast 30 mins. At this point you can even freeze them to fry at a later date.
  • Place a wok with oil for deep frying. once the oil is hot drop the cheese cubes into the hot oil.  don't overcrowd.
  • It will brown very fast. so be ready to remove them in a few seconds and then drain them on a paper towel.
  • Serve them ht with chili sauce or ketchup.

By the way................the cheese bites in the pictures look 'red' because my breadcrumbs I found at my local supermarket had an orange/red tinge to it!

So sending this recipe to Srivallis kids delight event guest hosted by Rafeeda themed on bite sized food for kids



  1. Welcome to BM Farah, hope you get well soon. These Mozzarella cheese bites look very very tempting and I agree everybody would love it!

  2. Welcome to BM Farah. These bite sized fried cheese looks amazing. I am sure every kid will go crazy over these golden beauties..