I don't do much stuffed chapathis/parathas at home. I have no clue why! But I love them............. and isn't it easier to just make one dish instead of making a main dish, a side dish and rice/chapathi?? Normally, most stuffed chapathis go well with a simple raita or even plain yoghurt or even some pickle if your too lazy to make the raita.

So I'm choosing paneer parathas for day 2 blogging marathon under 'everyday lunch/dinner dishes'. 
I immediately thought of stuffing the chapathis with paneer coz thats one thing my daughter eats without a fuss. Also we all love paneer. This is a super easy recipe and got the idea from my tasty curry. The recipe was a breeze............and so delicious! Please do not leave out the ghee or butter for brushing! trust me it makes a difference. Iv used only a bit of butter. That's wy you can see parts of the parathas in the photos are dry without the butter.

 I served these with a simple onion and cucumber raita and some mango pickle. These parathas are super duper delicious and filling! Try it and lemme know if you think the same too!

Makes 5
whole wheat flour - 2 cups, more for rolling
warm water - 3/4 cup(approx)
salt to taste

for the stuffing:
paneer/ cottage cheese, grated - 200 g
green chilies, chopped- 2 (optional. if you want it spicy)
chili powder - 3/4 tsp
fresh coriander leaves, chopped - 1 tbsp
cumin powder - 1/4 tsp
salt to taste
butter or ghee 

  • In a bowl place the flour and salt and mix. Slowly add the required water and knead to form a soft dough. Knead for atleast 15 minutes then cover and rest for about 30 minutes or so,
  • In another bowl, mix together the grated paneer, chili powder, green chilies, fresh coriander leaves, cumin powder and salt. Divide into 5 equal balls. Keep aside
  • I made 5 individual balls  from the dough. Take each ball of dough and roll out into a 5 or 6 inch diameter circle.
  • Now place the paneer ball in the centre. Lift the edges of the circle and seal on top by pressing the dough shut, enclosing the ball of paneer inside.
  • Dust with flour and pat it down so it becomes slightly flat. Gently roll out the ball into a round, thin chapathi/paratha.
  • Don't worry if its untidy. You will get more neater once you keep doing it. My first was slightly messy too.
  • Just remember to be gentle and even while rolling it out. Otherwise the paneer will come out.
  • Now heat a tawa or skillet and grease with butter or ghee. 
  • When the pan is hot place the rolled out paratha on it. Brush with more butter on top and turn it over after a few minutes. When it is slightly brown and done on both sides you an remove from the pan.
  • Repeat for the rest of the parathas.
  • Make sure the skillet is hot before placing the parathas on it.
  • Be generous with the ghee or butter to get tasty results ;)

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  1. Amazing looking paneer parathas... like you said, you don't need any other side dish with it, just some yogurt and pickle...

  2. I like the look of these , and these parathas are a hit with most of us . We too make them very regularly .

  3. Anything with paneer and especially parathas are always welcome in my house. Great for busy weekdays.

  4. This is our favorite paratha too and works out easy for a weekday meal!

  5. You said it right Farah, stuffed parathas makes it easier as no additional dish is required. In fact when we are bored of same routine of making dal or sabzi, I just make stuffed paratha. Paneer paratha is kids favorite paratha

  6. Paneer paratha works well for kids and adults alike. Yours has turned out lovely with the perfect shade of golden brown!!

  7. I agree it is a wholesome meal with some raitha. A great lunchbox recipe as well.

  8. Paneer paratha makes me hungry, stuffed parathas are seriously interesting and easy to feed as they doesnt need any side dish. My kid's favourite paratha.

  9. Paneer paratha is a great breakfast or even for lunch/dinner. Taste awesome and you do not need any side dish.

  10. Healthy and crunchy looks paratha.. perfect for breakfast.

  11. I love such recipes as it makes our job easier. ANd I am quite partial to paneer too. The parathas look absolutely yum Farah!

  12. I love making paneer paratha for our weekend breakfasts and serve with tea and achar.Yours looks yummy.