This is my favourite way of eating this vegetable. It's a very South Indian preparation. It's usually a side dish when we make sambar or rasam and rice.................and some applams for a bit of crunch in every bite.........and that's how we do it here! Yep I'm very South Indian like that. So this is my recipe for today under everyday lunch/dinner theme.

Just check out the recipe ain't that easy? It takes a good 20 minutes including the cutting and cooking. A dish full of goodness!

oil - 3 tbsps
mustard seeds - 1 tsp
urad dal - 2 tsps
curry leaves - 1 stem
onion, sliced - 1 small
green chili, slit - 2
beetroot, grated - 1 big (500 g)
salt to taste
  • In a wok, heat the oil and and then add the mustard seeds. 
  • Once it starts popping, add the urad dal and curry leaves.
  • Add the onions and green chilies. 
  • When the onions have cooked and become soft and transparent, add the beetroot.
  • Add salt and cook till the beetroot has cooked through. It cooks fast since its grated.
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  1. Beets is one of my favorite veggies and love digging in different ways, as a grated version, it must taste amazing!

  2. Reminds of my mother-in-law's cooking....she makes this lovely beet curry. Yours looks so vibrant and tasty!

  3. I love almost everything with beetroot , poriyal is something I have yet to make myself , but my daughter makes and it definitely is a delicious side dish .

  4. I don't remember ever grating beetroot for poriyal. Shall have to try grating next time.

  5. I use beet in salads and raita only, occasionally in one or other recipe. This poriyal is one more way in which I would like to eat beet

  6. Love beet root poriyal with hot piping rasam rice, my favourite combo. Love that you have grated them.

  7. The vibrant color of the beetroot makes this simple side so appetizing.

  8. This platter is so inviting. beetroot poriyal I have never tried. But I am drooling here.

  9. I love eating beets in poriyal form. I also add a lot of coconut to it. The lunch platter looks too inviting..

  10. wow. beet poriyal looks so vibranta and flavorful.

  11. Beet poriyal is a wonderful way to use incorporate beets in the diet.