Sago Gula Melaka is a Malaysian dessert. It is made from coconut milk and gula melaka syrup. Gula Melaka is coconut palm sugar. So you can also substitute palm sugar or coconut sugar for this recipe!

This dessert is so simple and so refreshing! Especially after a spicy meal. This dessert is so easy to put together. You can it down without further delay lets get down to the recipe!

Makes 3 portions
sago/ sabudhana/ javarisi - 3/4 cup (100g)

for the flavoured coconut milk:
coconut milk - 1/2 cup(I used the tetra pack. see notes)
pandan leaf , knotted - 1
pinch of salt

for the palm sugar syrup:
gula melaka/ palm sugar, chopped - 3/4 cup (100g)
water - 1/4 cup
pandan leaves, knotted - 2

  • In a saucepan, boil the sago in about 3 and a half cups of water. Boil till the sago balls turn translucent. Then, remove from the flame and strain it. Run under cool water till most of the starch washes off. Then transfer into 3 serving bowls. Cover and refrigerate them for atleast 30 minutes.
  • Next, to make the flavoured coconut milk- In a saucepan gently heat the coconut milk and water along with the pandan leaf and salt. Simmer till it thickens slightly. Remove and cool. Chill before serving.
  • Next, to make the palm sugar syrup- In a saucepan, place the water, pandan leaves and chopped palm sugar and heat on low flame. simmer and stir till the palm sugar has completely melted. then, remove from the flame and cool.

  • To serve, simply pour the coconut milk over the sago and pour the required amount of palm sugar syrup on it. Give it a good mix and enjoy.
  • If u are not able to find pandan leaves, you can use pandan essence. if not you can just subsitute it for vanilla essence. although it's not authentic, it will still be nice.
  • if you are using coconut milk from tetra pack just add in about 1/4 cup water to it because tetra pack is usually very thick. 

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