Being a chaat lover, I'm always game for a chaat at anytime. But staying away from India it's difficult to get such delicious chaats here in Malaysia. It's nothing close to the ones we get back home. I'm sure you all agree with me when I say when we dont find/ have something we like the craving is more!
the usual paapadi's are deep fried. so how cool is that we can bake them? I got this recipe from Chetna Makan's cookbook, 'The Cardamom Trail'. She has some lovely recipes in them, and me being a big fan of cardamom...........will be trying out everything soon!....The other recipe from the book which was a huge hit was the Pistachio, Cardamom and White chocolate Cake.
These paapadi's were super crunchy and crisp and had the lovely taste of kasuri methi! Although i reduced it a bit since my daughter is a bit fussy.

Aaliya and me are the only ones in the family who love chaats! She had been asking me to make some for the past 1 week. Very tempting! make all the things required to make this first we need patience.......LOL! It require quite a few things. Although it's quite easy, just the thought of making everything puts us off!
Anyways,,,,,,,,,,,it was a good time to spend quality time with Aaliya...............we put on some good music, we rolled up our sleeves and both of us set out to making everything over the weekend.............................MY! MY! Was it worth it?!! DEFINITELY!! Those of you who follow my instagram page farahs_cookbook  will know how we rocked the chaat station! hahaha
Once you try these baked paapadi's you'll never go back to the fried one's again! 

I'm linking the recipes for everything below to make the dahi paapadi chaats:
Recipe for the dahi paapadi chaat - here
green chutney/ sauce -  recipe here
tamarind chutney/ sauce - recipe here
sev/ omapodi - recipe here OR can even use storebought ones

Makes about 43 paapadi's
all purpose flour - 1 and 1/4 cup
semolina/ rava/ sooji - 2 tbsps + 1tsp (25 g)
salt - 1/2 tsp
carrom seeds/ ajwain / omam- 1/2 tbsp
dried methi leaves/ kasuri methi - 1 tbsp
oil - 2 tbsps
7 Cm diameter cookie cutter
  • In a bowl, add the flour, semolina, salt, carrom seeds, kasuri methi and give it a good mix.
  • Add in the oil and using your fingers nicely rub it into the flour so that it resembles crumbs.
  • Now slowly add in in enough water to make a dough. I used about 6 tbsps. Cover and let it rest for 30 minutes.
  • Pre- heat the oven at 180 degrees.
  • Line a baking tray with parchment paper and keep it ready.
  • Lightly flour your work surface and roll out the dough as thin as possible.

  • Using a cookie cutter of 7 cms in diameter cut out the shapes and neatly arrange them on the baking tray. 
  • Using a fork, roughly pierce them so that they do not puff up.

  • Bake them at 180 degrees for about 15 to 18 minutes or until they become slightly browned.
  • Cool and store in an airtight container.
  • Make sure you roll the dough as thin as possible. It makes a huge difference.

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