Which parent doesn't get worried that their children don't eat veggies?? I do!!!
I sneak in veggies at every possible chance. Pasta sauces are a clever and fantastic way to hide these veggies. Blitz them in a blender and even the cleverest kid wont find out :D

This cauliflower pasta is a kid friendly version. Pretty bland for an adult. But who is going to cook 2 different dishes(one for the kids and the other for the adults) you ask?? NOBODY.
Just dress it up with whatever you like ............sauteed sausages, sun- dried tomatoes, black olives , cheese.....oh yesss! cheeseeee how can we forget that? and loadsa chili flakes! yum!The list is pretty endless.

In this recipe I  haven't added cheese. You can add it for more flavour. You can add cream too for richness. The choice is entirely yours. Just play around with the recipe and make it yours!

penne pasta - about 2 cups
cauliflower, florets - 300 g
garlic, roughly chopped - 8 cloves
oil - 1 tbsp
butter - 3 tbsp
all purpose flour - 2 tbsps
milk - 2 cups
salt to taste
pepper to taste
italian seasoning to season
chili flakes to taste
sun dried tomatoes, chopped - to garnish (optional)
black olives, sliced - to garnish (optional)

  • In a saucepan boil cauliflower in some water. Add some salt  make sure the water is just enough to boil the cauliflower. Boil till the entire water evaporates. Remove from flame and keep aside to cool.
  • In a wok, heat the oil and saute the garlic till slightly brown and fragrant. remove from the flame and add the garlic into the cauliflower. 
  • Using a blender, puree the cauliflower and garlic. Keep aside.
  • Now in the same wok heat the butter. When it melts add the flour. Using a whisk stir well for a minute or so.
  • Now add the milk and simmer. 
  • Season with salt and pepper. also add in the italian seasoning and chili flakes. When the mixture starts to thicken add in the cauliflower puree. Give it a mix and switch off the flame. The pasta sauce is ready. The sauce will thicken as it cools so switch off the flame when it starts to thicken.
  • When you are ready to eat boil the pasta as per instructions on the packet. Drain and add the pasta to the sauce.
  • Adjust the consistency if need be by adding more milk if you need to loosen it.
  • Garnish with olives and sun dried tomatoes if you are using.

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