HAPPY DIWALI you guys!!

Sorry to have been MIA for awhile..........just got carried away with the usual chaos at home! I made these Rava Ladoos just so that I can share the recipe with you. But I had absolutely no time to post it before Diwali.

Just got back from our holiday today.........and didn't want to give myself more excuses of finding time to post here! So here goes...........hope you all a lovely Diwali with family and friends!:)

This recipe makes about 18 small ladoos.

rava - 1 cup
sugar - 1 cup
cardamom - 1 
ghee - 1/4 cup
cashewnuts,  - 10(broken roughly into bits)
raisins - 10

  • Dry roast the rava on low flame for a few minutes until you get a nice aroma. Keep stirring so that it roasts evenly. It must not change colour. Let it cool.
  • Using a blender, powder the rava until fine and smooth. The finer it is the better.
  • Add the sugar and cardamom and continue blending till smooth.
  • Empty the powdered ingredients into a bowl.
  • In a small saucepan, heat the ghee. Add the cashewnuts. When it starts getting slightly brown add the raisins. Remove from flame.
  • Pour the ghee into the bowl containing the powdered sugar and rava. Mix well. When its warm enough to handle with your hand, take small quantities and roll it tight with your hands to form a small ball.
  • Start making the balls when the mixture is still warm. If it gets too dry or you're unable to make the balls, just add a bit more warm ghee and make the balls.
  • Store in an airtight container for about a week.


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