I love working with yeast! Don't ask  me why! I actually find it so fascinating! .............and shaping it it is another thing I love doing! The star shape is now making its rounds for Christmas on Pinterest and  I've actually been eyeing it for quite awhile now.

Since we've already started school holidays, Aaliya and me worked this recipe last week! As usual I used my basic bread recipe I've been using for quite awhile now........and just added the garlic butter and cheese twist to it! 

YES!!!!!!! Lunch well sorted out ............but I died of the guilt later!!!


for the bread:

warm milk - 1 cup
intant yeast -3/4 tbsp
sugar - 2 tbsps
egg - 1
salt - 1 tsp
chili flakes - 1/2 tsp
mixed dried herbs - 1 tsp
bread flour - 3 cups
butter - 2 and 1/2 tbsp 

for the filling:
mozzarella cheese - 3/4 cup

for brushing:
dried mixed herbs - 1 tsp
garlic, minced - 2-3 cloves
butter, melted - 3 tbsps
chili flakes - optional

  • In a large bowl, add the yeast, sugar, milk, salt and give it a whisk. 
  • Add in the egg, chili flakes, dried herbs and mix well. 
  • Add in the flour little by little and knead to form a stick dough. Add in the butter now and then so it is easy to handle the dough.
  • If you have a stand mixer it's easy . But if you don't have one, just knead for about 10 minutes by hand. Atleast you get a good arm workout ;)
  • The end dough will be slightly sticky. When you press on the dough slightly with a finger it will bounce back. Then you know you've got the perfect dough.
  • Transfer the dough to a slightly greased bowl. Brush the tops of the dough with some butter and close with a cling wrap. Place in a warm spot and leave it to rise to about double the size. (about 1 hour)
  • In the meanwhile take the melted butter  in a bowl. Add the garlic, herbs and chili flakes. Mix well. Keep ready.
  • Once the dough has doubled in size, lightly flour your work surface and place the dough on it. Punch the dough down.  Knead for a minute or so. (stretch the dough and fold back. Repeat)Greasing your hands helps.
  • Roll the dough out in the shape of a rectangle, about 1/2 inch thickness, or even less. Remember it rises more when it bakes. Brush with the melted garlic butter. 
  • Over half of the rectangle, evenly add the grated cheese on top. then, close the cheese side of the rectangle shut by folding the dough (by bringing the uncheesed side of the dough on top of the cheesed side..............if that makes sense?.........LOL) Seal the sides by lightly pinching the sides closed.
  • Place on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.
  • Brush the tops with the garlic butter. close with a cling wrap and rest for 10 minutes. 
  • Bake in a pre -heated oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes or until the tops are light golden brown and beautiful!
  • Cut into strips and serve with ketchup........

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