Fruit and sago Payasam/ Dessert/ milk pudding

This is an interesting way to eat sago payasam. I first ate this dessert at my sisters inlaws place. It was an extremely new dish to me and immediately asked her for the recipe :)

I completely forgot to take pictures....remembered to take pictures only the next day when there was only 1 bowl left :( Will update the post with better pics next time I make it....which will be very soon :D

1/2 cup sago/ javarisi
water to boil the sago
2 cups water (approx)
4 heaped tbsps milk powder
2 tbsps sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 small tin fruit cocktail(in syrup)

  • Boil the sago in water till it turns transparent. drain and set aside
  • In a saucepan, heat 2 cups of the water (save one cup for later). Add the milk powder and simmer. stir and add the sugar.
  • Add the boiled sago and simmer for a few minutes till the sago blends with the milk.
  • Add the required amount of syrup from the fruit tin and adjust the sweetness.
  • If the dessert has become too thick add milk to bring it to the desired consistency.
  • switch off the flame. Add the vanilla essence.
  • when the dessert has cooled a bit add the drained fruits.
  • serve chilled

  • instead of milk powder you can use carnation milk or milk maid accordingly to enhance the taste .
  • you can even use plain milk.


  1. Very delightful and super fruity payasam..Droolworthy.

  2. i love sago in any form... this looks so delicious...

  3. Awesome payasam Farah, looks so superb, feel like having some now

  4. love it.. looks too delicious..

  5. Delicious.always wonder how different cultures have same dish with different names. Kheer in northern & payasam in south.

  6. Have never tried a combo with sago and fruits, looks delicious..

  7. Ooh I am loving this combination, n the idea of these together must be yummy

  8. I cannot wait to try this wonderful recipe. Thanks! I bet it's terrific!