Hi guys! Im sure all of you are getting ready for Diwali?!.....Im drooling just looking at all the yummy pictures of the homemade snacks and sweets ...........

                         This is my first diwali as a blogger! :D So Im celebrating too........made my favourite Kaju Katli from Raks Kitchen. She has such lovely recipes at her space. but Im sure you all know her already......she's grown as a wonderful cook and blogger over the years!...
                           This is not a very difficult recipe to follow. Few ingredients and less cooking time. Just look out for the sugar consistency and your safe. :) I couldnt take more pictures of the process beacause my hands were greased with ghee. sorry guys! This recipe make about 7-8 pieces.

1 cup cashewnuts, at room temperature
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup water
1 tbsp milk (optional)
ghee for greasing

  • Powder the cashewnuts in a blender. They must be at room temperature. There should be NO moisture. grind to a fine powder
  • Mix the water and the sugar. water must be just enough to cover the sugar. Boil and keep stirring.

  •  Keep little water in a small bowl and just pour few drops in the water to check the consistency. If you pour few drops, it should lay a fine thread that doesn’t gets dissolved in water immediately when you touch. 
  • Lower the flame and add the cashewnut powder .Keep stirring for 2-3 mins till the mixture gets thick. switch off the flame.
  • Smear your hands with water and test by rolling a small pinch of the mixture in between your fingers. You should be able to form a non sticky ball. This is the correct consistency. 
  •  Wait till the mixture is warm enough to touch. Transfer to a clean workplace.
  • The mixture will be very grainy. so dont worry.

  • Grease your hands with little ghee and start kneading. As you keep kneading, it will become smooth. If you feel the mixture is dry, add few drops of milk and keep kneading.
  • Roll the dough into thin layer (flatten it using your hands or a rolling pin) and cut it diagonally to make pieces.You can first draw lines lightly with the knife tip and then cut into diamonds to get perfect shapes. 
  • If you add cashew powder before the sugar syrup reaches the consistency, then the dough will be sticky. So the sugar syrup consistency is important. 
  • If you have added milk, the shelf life of the sweet is less. so keep refrigerated.


  1. Yum yum! :) My fav sweet too, and these look great! :) Happy first diwali as a blogger :)

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  5. Farah this is so good :) think i dont mind coming to your place just to try them.... sure the little one enjoyed it

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