Im so excited to be posting my 50th blog post !!!!! Doesnt this call for celebration??:)
So I made these yummy coffee caramel puddings to celebrate.
                          Here at home, we all love it was the perfect dessert!  Extremely easy to make...and most importantly, less mess ;) All I had to do was whip up this dessert, put them into the oven............. and then put up my feet and relax. Its the oven time which seems a loooooong time! sigh! but its definitely worth the wait!:)

 for the caramel base:
1/2 cup  or 3/4 cup sugar (depending on the bowls you are using)

for the pudding:
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 cap vanilla essence
1.5 tsps instant coffee powder dissolved in hot water (hot water just enough to dissolve the coffee powder)

for the caramel base
  •  heat the sugar on low flame in a saucepan until it melts completely. keep stirring and make sure the sugar doesnt burn. when it turns light brown turn off the flame 

  • Pour a thin layer into your moulds/ bowls. let it cool.

for the pudding:
  • using an electric mixer or a hand whisk beat the eggs and sugar together.
  • Add the milk and beat well until the sugar dissolves.

  • Add the vanilla essence and dissolved coffee. beat.
  • Strain the above mixture .
  • pour this into your moulds.
  • place your moulds on a baking tray filled with water.(just enough water so that the base of the mould is immersed in water.)
  • Bake in an oven at 190 deg c for about 40 mins or until the dessert is firm.
  • cool and then refrigerate.

  • you can either de mould the pudding before serving like the picture below


You can pour the egg mixture into pretty, small individual cups like in the picture below before baking them. In this case you don't have to de mould them before serving.

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